5 Reason you should have a photobooth at your next event.

Photobooths are showing up at events more often now, Why is that? Photobooths have been proven to be a fun and creative way for people to express them self. In this post we will talk about how renting a photobooth will great for your party!

  1. A photobooth is suitable for all ages, People young and old can all enjoy the fun of a photobooth. Grandparents and their grandkids will have a blast taking those silly pictures together.
  2. Let your guest take something home with them. With the onsite printing, we can leave each guest with a fun party favor.  These photos will be cherished forever, Placed on the fridge, Stuck on the side of their desk or kept in their wallet.
  3. Break the ice with your guests, Bringing in a photobooth will get your guest mingling and talking. Swapping of props, Making the funny photos and sharing the photos after. This will help your event go off without a hitch.
  4. When you rent a photobooth you can customize and personalize it. Whether its a customized print template, Customized props to match your theme or a Custom backdrops showing off what you want. When you rent this photobooth you can have it customized to represent what you want.
  5. A picture is worth a thousand words, Imagine being able to look back at this photo and reliving the event. Your guests will be able to remember the night for years to come. Isn’t that what everyone wants? For your guest to have lasting memories